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Get Involved!

St. Luke’s church abounds with opportunities and activities to enrich spiritual growth and to build meaningful connections with a diverse community of dynamic people. You are invited to join any group or activity that speaks to you! We are a family, each of us with unique gifts to share and enjoy together. Here is a short list of St. Luke’s main groups:

For more information about when a specific group meets or to make contact, please email

Altar Guild

St. Luke’s Altar Guild is a group of men and women who prepare the church for worship. We work in concert with our priest and lay ministers. Our work is in the nature of stagehands, working behind the scenes. We set the altar with the candles and the Gospel Book, and the Credence table with the Sacramental Elements.  After the service we wash and put away the Sacramental Vessels and close the church.

We are always appreciative of volunteers to design and construct new vestments and banners, polish silver, wash dishes, and more.

Come and join us! Ongoing training is provided by the Altar Guild Director and Team Leaders.  Anyone who has a heart to serve is already qualified and welcome.


For many, music enhances the worship experience. If you enjoy music, share from your heart and join the fellowship of the choir. With the guidance of the choir director, St. Luke’s choir sings praises on alternate 10:30 am Sunday services and for special holiday events. Rehearsals are held on a regular basis.

 “Alleluia, song of gladness!”

Lectors and Lay Readers

The Episcopal Church welcomes lay people to participate in church life. Lectors volunteer to read scripture from the pulpit, sharing the Living Word of God with the congregation. Lay Ministers assist the priest in serving the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ to all baptized Christians present at the service.


All youth of the congregation are invited become acolytes. “Acolyte” means an attendant or follower. Your job as an acolyte is to assist the priest and enhance the worship service to help glorify God. Serving in this important role is a commitment of your time and talent to the Lord’s service which is deeply appreciated.

Christian Education

Adult education is held September thru May. These engaging classes are based on the Bible and well known outside readings. You can count on encountering lively discussion and debate in St. Luke’s adult Sunday school! For this week’s topic, please call 321.452.5260 or contact

Confirmation classes are offered for both adults and youth who feel called to join with the Living Body of Christ.

Intercessory Prayer Group

The Intercessory Prayer Group is committed to praying regularly for the Episcopal Church leadership, the members of St Luke’s Church and for the special needs of others.

We meet once a month in the church to pray as a group and participate in a communion service. All are welcome to join us.

We make a commitment to pray at home each day for all those on the Intercessory Prayer List.

Prayer requests may be given to the usher during the offering or submitted to


Episcopal Cursillo is a three day weekend that connects Episcopal Christians to their faith. Each month a group of believers who are interested in Episcopal Cursillo meets at St. Luke's. This group is known by the Spanish word "ultrea," a celebratory expression of joy at the beginning or end of a journey.

Mutual support and encouragement are beneficial to all believers, and Ultrea is designed to meet that need. Whether you have attended a Cursillo weekend or not, you are welcome to attend St. Luke's Ultrea. We meet on the first Sunday of each month at 5:30. Covered dish dinner, music and fellowship are the order of the day. All are welcome.