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São Paulo Mercy Ministry

Proclaiming God's mercy in the red-light district of São Paulo, Brazil

Stephen and Mary are missionaries sent by the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida where Stephen 2013-07-10 07.35.33served as an ordained clergy. Stephen is originally from Singapore and served with YWAM ( Youth With A Mission) in São Paulo. Mary was a kindergarten teacher in Maine when she received an invitation by a YWAM missionary to serve as a summer volunteer in Brazil. She took up the challenge and went for a month. She immediately fell in love with the ministry to the street children and decided to return as full-time missionary. We met in São Paulo and have been married since 1995. We spent some time in Maine, the Northeast of Brazil and Florida before returning to São Paulo to do the work that we feel that God has set aside for us. We work in partnership with missionaries from various Christian organizations with the sole purpose of discovering God’s mercy in what seems to be an hopeless situation. Our blog postings stem out of our reflections from working with the poorest of the poor.

Read more about Fr. Doss' mission at his blog or at the São Paulo Mercy Ministry website.

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