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Historic Cemetery

St. Luke Episcopal Church Merritt Island Brevard - chapel outside2Welcome to St. Luke's Episcopal Cemetery

Visiting a cemetery might seem a ghoulish thing to do, but cemeteries always seem to attract visitors.  We visit cemeteries because they are not simply a place for the dead but also a place where history is revealed in concrete form.  Our cemetery shows that even a place like North Merritt Island, which has been a relatively isolated area, had an exciting and rich history.

Our cemetery is historic but it is not simply history.  It is still open so we continue to bury Episcopalians of Brevard County here and is a place of comfort and focus of memory for the bereaved loved ones of those who are interred here.

Porcher Mausoleum
Porcher Mausoleum

This is also a Christian Cemetery and a sign of our faith.  Death brings sadness, a sense of loss and confusion, but for Christians it is also the door to Christ's Kingdom of peace, wholeness, and that perfect community with all who we love.  The cemetery is a living sign of our faith in the Resurrection won by Christ through his death and resurrection.

So we invite you on your visit to spend a few moments in the peace of this place to seek the God to whom it is dedicated.

Visit here to learn more about the individuals found in our cemetery.