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The vestry consists of ten church members who are elected by the congregation to run the corporate business of the church and congregation, ensuring effective organization, planning, and managing resources and finances. The vestry establishes a budget based on income and spending priorities. Good communication between congregation and vestry is vital for a healthy church.

Vestry members are elected to serve a three year term. Elections are held during our annual meeting in January. Officers of the vestry include the parish priest who leads as the President; the Senior Warden, appointed by our parish priest, who conducts the vestry meetings and serves as spiritual advisor to the priest. The Junior Warden oversees property by arranging for its care; the Secretary who records and posts the meeting minutes; the Treasurer keeps the vestry informed of contributions, spending and pays the bills. Vestry members are selected and voted for based on their desire to serve the congregation. A strong vestry will consist of people who come from all walks of life. If you are asked, are you also called, to serve?